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Hayden’s passion for helping his clients excel and attain their goals, combined with his desire to instruct with proper form and precise execution in mind, led him to the development of the SHOCK Training System. This method is a compilation of his experience, sweat, and countless hours of testing, all informed by extensive study and multiple industry certifications.

His diverse background makes him unique as a professional fitness trainer. He began his career at Oklahoma State University as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cowboys Football program and later became the Head Strength Coach at Oklahoma State for Men’s and Women's Tennis.

Hayden has worked with models, fitness competitors, five first-round NFL draft picks, and over twenty professional athletes. He gets the most joy and satisfaction helping people become healthy, strong, and fit.

Hayden Steele
Ashley Steele

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Ashley is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Through years of competing in athletics and staying active, Ashley has always had a passion for fitness.

She loves sharing her fitness journey and hopes to inspire women to be confident, develop new healthy habits, and love their body.

As someone who knows the day-to-day challenges of balancing responsibilities and finding time to care for yourself, she can help you nourish and power your body through self-belief and fitness.